What to Do When Cleaning the Home After the Flood


What to Do When Cleaning the Home After the Flood

When you want to ensure that the restoration will run well without leaving any potential issues, then you can hire water damage restoration north shore. The flood season can cause havoc on the structure of the house, personal property and assets, and the health of its inhabitants. Once the tidal flood has started to recede, this is a good time to start the recovery process. There are some important things that you must do after being flooded to ensure the safety of your home and protect the safety of your family, while also preventing further damage to the house and its contents. If the flood is serious enough to require you to evacuate out of the house, always be vigilant when deciding to return home. Even though the inundation water seems to have receded, it is possible that aftershocks will come and trap you inside the building.

1. Make sure the situation is safe

If there is still a puddle of water around the outside wall of your home, do not enter the house. You will not be able to confirm whether the building is safe or still sturdy.

2. Check the condition of the house

Check whether there is structural damage to buildings that are visible to the naked eye, such as a fence or a sloping wall, the foundation of the house is cracked or collapsed, broken glass, holes, broken electrical cables and debris before entering the house.

3. Turn off the water and electricity sources

Machine and electrical equipment that may be flooded pose a risk of electric shock or shorting of fire when turned on. Do not use electrical equipment or other machinery until the electrical components have been cleaned, dried and inspected by an electrician. Until help arrives, you should quickly turn off water, gas and electricity. If the main power switch has not been turned off before the flood, do not enter the house until the electrician has made sure your house is safe for entry. Carpet Cleaners North Shore
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