This Is One Effective Way To Open A Locked Or Jam Door


This Is One Effective Way To Open A Locked Or Jam Door

For those of you who are experiencing damage or even your home door is jammed due to several causes, usually, key services are services that you really need. You can get more info about the exact service and according to what you need. The right key service and will assist you in handling and repairing the key.

In addition to using key services, there are several other ways that the door can be opened. One of them is to break it down. although this method is not recommended, in an emergency this method is the most effective way you can do it. However, make sure you do it right as below.

1. Stand in a sturdy position. Stand to face the door with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. If you are able, hold your hands or arms against walls, or something heavy that doesn’t move when you push it.

2. Lift your dominant leg to the knee. Lift your knees straight and let the other leg be attracted to it. Keep your feet facing the door, do not face sideways or do other things that are not necessary.
Kick the door using the bottom of your foot. This type of kick is called “snap kick”. Keep your feet straight in front, so that your feet kick the part where the keyhole is.

3. Kicking the door is safer because your feet are designed to absorb a large force and your shoes can function as additional protection. DON’T break the door using your shoulder, because your joints may be dislocated because of it. 4. Keep kicking until the key damages the door frame. If done continuously, this method will work on almost all types of doors made of wood.
If in a few minutes you don’t see a change, this means that the door or frame has to be fitted with a reinforcement frame. Take a break and do your business in several stages so that your kick doesn’t weaken.

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