Things that may damage your blinds

Aside from the exposure to the temperature and the elements, there are also other causes that can deteriorate your blinds condition. Therefore, in order to help you to know those causes, we’re going to share with you an information about them. Aside from that, take a look at the best window blinds, shades, coverings for kitchen and bedroom as well.

Here are the common factors that might damage your blinds:

1. Kids may play with it

If your blinds have a small rope which it can be pulled to shut it, then kids may love to play with it. Simply by pulling it over and over to see just how the blinds work may fascinate them for a while. However, if they play it too roughly, the damage can be quite bad. Make sure that your blinds rope is away from little kid’s reach.

2. Water damage

If some parts of your blinds are made out metal, you can expect that water damage and humidity might make it covered in rusts. Make sure you keep the humidity of the room, while also drying your blinds when they get wet.

3. Peeking through them roughly

Just like in movies, sometimes we’d like to peek the outside condition through the blinds. However, make sure that you don’t flip the blind too roughly or it may get snapped or simply won’t turn back to its original position.

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