Know Some Steps to Make the Right Marketing Plan

For those of you who have a business or company, you certainly want to make your business famous and your brand trusted by many people. For this reason, your marketing division must also be equipped with the right knowledge to be able to market your brand well. The existence of a lead management process will greatly help them in learning the science of marketing and make them able to get good results for the company.

With the right marketing techniques, supported by the right marketing plan, success is no longer a dream
By creating a marketing plan, you are not only facilitated in the process of writing, but you can also continue to evaluate and update the existing marketing plan in accordance with the feedback and results received. Following are the steps to make a good and easy marketing plan.

1. Create an executive summary
To ensure that the parties that work with you understand about your company, on the marketing plan, you must explain the outline of the ins and outs of the company that you run.

2. Determine the target customer
In order for your company to be able to market the products or services offered to customers properly and correctly, you must determine the target customer in the marketing plan that you are structuring. The more specific, the easier it will be to attract the attention of your target customers. You can also do small research about customer behavior which will certainly be useful for running your marketing activities.

3. Establish pricing and positioning strategies
With USP and the target market that you have set, you can determine the right ‘positioning’ for the products and services you offer in your marketing plan. You can also determine the right price range for the products and services you have so you can give the right image for your brand.

4. Plan clear distribution activities
You can choose to sell media or selling activities that are suitable to be applied to the products and services offered. This is one part of a marketing plan that cannot be forgotten.

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