Here Are Some Complications Of Scoliosis You Need To Know

Back problems or joint pain is a very influential problem for everyone’s daily activities. One of the spinal diseases that must get the right treatment is scoliosis. The disease can be treated with appropriate treatment or therapy, one of which is chiropractic. You have to find the right chiropractor for that. The one you can use is chiropractor santa monica.


The right treatment or therapy must be undertaken by these chiropractic patients. There are several complications that can occur if the disease is not handled properly and quickly. Some complications that can occur are

1. Heart and lung problems. In severe scoliosis or a curved spine of more than 70 degrees will have difficulty breathing and the heart will have difficulty pumping blood throughout the body as a result of depressed heart and lungs by the chest cavity. This condition can result in patients suffering from pneumonia (lung infection), to heart failure.

2. Back problems. Long-term back pain and arthritis usually affect adults who when they are young suffer from scoliosis.

3. Neurological problems. Adult sufferers with the condition of pressing the nerve have the potential to experience complications such as back pain, weak or numb feet, unable to resist the discharge of urine or feces, to erectile difficulties for men.

However, aside from the medical problems mentioned earlier, patients with this disease also often experience depression or suffering where their body shape is not the same as other people’s forms and causes them to tend to withdraw from many people or their environment. Support from surrounding people and family clearly becomes very important for patients. This will enable them to accept their situation and be able to control themselves well in the environment where they are. Look for the right treatment for the best treatment for scoliosis patients.

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