Features that air conditioners have these days

The X-fan feature supports the health aspects of good quality air conditioners. X-Fan technology can dry the indoor parts to keep them clean and healthy. That is, after the AC is turned off, the fan still keeps drying the inside of the indoor unit to be clean and healthy. The result is comfort and health can be obtained simultaneously. Apart from that, visit this homepage when you want to find a trustworthy AC repair company near your area.

HD Filters and DIY Filters

This term is also a supporter of health in an AC unit. This term is a type of filter that has a high advantage. HD filters can filter dirt and dust particles because they have an accuracy rate of 0.3mm.

Meanwhile, DIY filters (do it your self) is a filter term that has a type and function according to your needs and environment. For example, DIY filters that can be chosen are germ killer and insect filters, toxic gas removal filters and cleaning the air, as well as anti-bacterial filters and mildew prevention.

Triple protection

The term security feature that was first applied to this AC is owned by a good quality air conditioner. Triple protection is a safety feature that functions as fireproof, leak-proof & anti-high temperature. Very useful, because this feature provides the comfort and comfort of the air conditioner to its users. Even with this feature, indoor and outdoor air conditioning units are protected from all causes of damage; starting from hot weather, impact, rain, and other factors that can cause the AC to be damaged.


This term is to refer to technology so that an AC unit does not produce noisy noise. Do you know about AC compressors? Yes, every air conditioner certainly has this part, which is the main component in the air conditioning unit that functions to suck and suppress refrigerant vapor from the evaporator. After that, the compressor compresses the vapor so that the temperature and pressure are higher. Here the compressor has another function, namely maintaining the difference in pressure and temperature in the system.

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