Different materials for different watches

There are several types of materials for watches, namely: Stainless steel, this material is usually used by parents or want to look luxurious, and this type of material is suitable for official events, for casual even still suitable. Apart from that, perhaps you also need to take a look at the high-quality citizen watches.

Then there is Nylon, you can choose this watch material for those who want to look casual or if you want to go to a party you can also wear a watch with nylon material; Canvas, this one is very much used by young people because canvas watches are more casual;

Rubber, for men who like outdoor activities such as sports, and other activities is very fitting to use a rubber watch because of the advantages of this material that has a flexible texture so it does not interfere with your activities outside; Skin, if you are still confused about choosing a clock with the ingredients, alternatively you can choose a clock with leather because of its very flexible use. So you can use it either formal or non-formal.

Then for the straps and strap (watch strap), now guys must be considered too, make sure the comfort of your hands does not disturb your skin. Do not let the wrong choice that can eventually make your skin itchy or irritated because of sweating when wearing a watch, or your watch becomes smelly.

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