Comparisons among sawing machines

In the selection of tools used to cut the rich, there are two choices of machines, namely the Jigsaw saw machine and circular sawing machine. Judging from the principle of work, the two types of sawing machines are different, where the movement of cutting on the jigsaw saw blade is up and down and while on circular saws using rotating disks. In both types of machines there are advantages and disadvantages of each, here are the reviews. Meanwhile, you may also want to check out how to sharpen a chainsaw blade with a electric sharpener.

The advantages of a jigsaw saw machine.

The jigsaw saw machine can move left and right, zigzag and circular.

The electric power used by the jigsaw saw machine is smaller than the circular sawing machine.

Not only used for cutting wood, but this jigsaw saw can also be used to cut iron, PVC pipes, acrylic, and others, but it all depends on the type of blade used.

In terms of weight, the jigsaw saw machine is lighter when compared to circular saws.

The position of the workpiece does not have to be on a flat workbench, but can also be used in other areas.

Weaknesses of the Jigsaw Saw Machine.

If this saw is used to cut straight and is quite long and repetitive it will take a long, tame time compared to circular saws.

The jigsaw saw blade is easily broken, so the frequency of replacing the blade is faster than the circular saw so it is costly.

Advantages of Circular Sawing Machines.

Generally, circular saws are more comfortable to use for cutting in a straight and long way.

Replacement of the blade is relatively long compared to the jigsaw blade.

The weakness of Circular Sawing Machine.

Circular saw machine cannot move to the left and right, can not be zigzagged and circular.

The electric power is greater than the jigsaw sawing machine.

Apart from being used for wood, this circular saw machine can only be used to cut aluminum-based material using the appropriate type of blade.

This type of machine is heavier when compared to a jigsaw saw.

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