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Skipping Appropriately According to Procedures to Avoid Some of These Things

When doing skipping, you are required to warm up first. This is because you can get injured because you don’t warm up first. In doing skipping, you are also required to use the right skipping rope. You can use the best crossfit skipping jump ropes for beginners so that the skipping you do can run well.

However, when you don’t skip properly and don’t warm up first, it will be dangerous for you. There are several dangers of skipping if you don’t warm up first.

– Sprains
Excessive jumping of the rope will result in the frequent occurrence of a sprain due to an error when stacking a leg when jumping. Maybe for some people will ignore this one mistake, but do you know that if a sprain occurs and is not treated quickly it will be fatal? Keselo will be fatal as a result if not treated quickly and checked because we do not know where the joints or tendons are injured.

– Muscle cramp
The result of doing excessive jump rope is experiencing muscle cramps in the calf and shin. Usually, when someone wants to exercise to lose weight, it will maximize its ability to exercise which is actually not good for the body. For example, for the first time playing jump rope, you will force yourself to play up to 100 jumps. Even though it should be adjusted over time and body strength because the muscles will tighten with force and result in muscle cramps.

– Out of breath
One of the benefits of sports jump rope is to eliminate asthma, which is shortness of breath. But if you do this exercise excessively, do not eliminate but will be the cause of chest shortness of breath and asthma relapse. Because doing excessive jump rope exercise will make oxygen in the body become a little. This results in a lack of oxygen which makes you suffer from shortness of breath.

Recognize the Character of a Woman Of These Two Types of Watches

The use of watches is indeed growing and is always used at different times. Many people choose watches according to the event they are going to attend or their own character. In fact, brand watches are also increasingly diverse, one of the brands that you can use is shinola watches.

For women, watches are clearly an accessory that is always used. In fact, you can recognize the female character of the watch he uses.

– Classic leather strap
He is someone who has not many reasons, is practical, and is concerned with logic. It is a character who has a classic leather strap watch. They also like to read books to continue to develop their knowledge.

– Oversized watch
Even if it’s independent, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need someone else. They just like to solve their problems with their own efforts, the spirit of achieving goals, and ambitious. Be the person beside him when he struggles so that you can be a witness to his interesting and dynamic life.